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MEPCO Bill Calculator

Are you searching for MEPCO bill calculator? Use the best MEPCO bill calculator 2021 on this website. You need to enter a number of units and you will get the detailed estimated bill amount with taxes are also included.
You can get the estimated electricity bill for any month on this online MEPCO bill calculator by just entering the number of units consumed. The calculation of the bill amount is a little complicated. Instead of calculating the bill amounts by hand, you should use this free tool. This will not only save your time but also make you confident in the calculation because computers are more accurate than humans.

Calculate Fesco bill by units


If you are thinking that you need to install any software or app, stop thinking because you don’t need to install any software. This calculator is so simple and easy to use. You are just one click far from getting your estimated amount of your electricity bill. Just enter the units consumed by you.

Accuracy of MEPCO Bill Calculator:

The original bill amount may vary due to additional taxes. So, this MEPCO bill calculator is just estimate the bill amount. This calculator is based on the newest MEPCO slabs. It calculates all taxes and generates the amount that will be so close to the actual amount. The common taxes and charges like TV fee, FPA, and NJ surcharge etc. are included in the estimated amount.

MEPCO Unit Rates:

The latest unit rates for the year 2021 are listed below. These unit rates are also used in estimating the total bill amount with taxes.

No. Unit Consumed Rate of Unit
1 Up to 50 3.95
2 1 to 100 7.74
3 101 to 200 10.06
4 201 to 300 12.15
5 301 to 700 19.55
6 Above 700 22.65

Why should use Calculator:

Multan Electric Power Company tries to deliver the electric bills at the start of month to its customers. There are many causes that some people want to calculate the estimated amount of their bill. If you are planning your budget of or due to any other reason you want to calculate your bill. You can calculate your MEPCO bill by hands or you can use special calculator that will calculate your estimated bill amount.

You know that human makes errors accidently or unconsciously. So, human calculations are less reliable and take a long time to calculate amount. Therefore, using online MEPCO bill calculator is best option. This online bill calculator is very easy to use and calculate estimated amount very fast. You do not need to worry about errors in the calculation because the computers are much more accurate and reliable. Just enter the consumed units above to calculate your estimated bill amount.

Steps to Calculate Number of Unit Consumed:

You can calculate that how many units consumed in this month by following these steps. After calculating the consumed units you can calculate the estimated bill amount by this online MEPCO bill calculator. Let’s see the steps that you have to follow.

  • Check the last bill of last month
  • Note the meter reading on that bill
  • Now note your current meter’s reading
  • Calculate difference of both readings
  • You have obtained number of unit consumed since your last meter’s reading to now.

It is very simple and easy to calculate unit consumed since last bill reading to current day. If you have lost you MEPCO bill do not worry. You can get you last MEPCO bill on this page easily. If you want to know how many unit consumed in a day you can note meter reading and next day again not the meter reading. The difference of both reading will give you number of unit consumed in a day.

MEPCO Bill Calculating Formula:

Calculating electricity bill is not complicated. You need to know latest unit rates and taxes etc. You can calculate your estimated bill by hands by multiplying units consumed with unit rates. Then you have to add taxes, meter charges, service rent. Now you have your estimated bill amount according to number of unit consumed. You can also use online MEPCO bill calculator to estimate your electricity bill. This is fast and easy, you just need to enter number of units consumed.

As you see the calculation of the total bill needs to know the latest rates of the unit and also the taxes that included in this bill amount. If you are calculating the bill amount by your mind, you need to search for the latest unit rate of the MEPCO and you need to know those taxes included in the MEPCO bill. In this way you will spent a lot of time in calculating the total bill. You can trust us and use this online MEPCO bill calculator to calculate your MEPCO bill amount.

Calculate Unit Consumption:

You will be happy to know that you can calculate the consumption of units of your home appliances. First, you need to know that the electric appliance consumes how many watts per hour. You can get this information from the electric appliance or you can contact the person where you buy this electric appliance.
Now we take the example of air conditioner. Air conditioners are of two types according to the power consumption. One type is 1 ton which is consuming 1200w to 1600w. Second type is 1.5 ton which is consuming 1800w to 2500w. We assume that our air condition consume 2200w power in an hour. Now it is time to calculate units consumed by our air conditioner.

First we need to convert watt to kilo watt for this we divide 2200 by 1000. In this way will get power consumption in kilo watt per hour. By dividing 2000 by 1000 we get 2.2kw. Now we need to know how much power consumes in a day. For this we need to multiply 2.2 with hours of running your electric appliance. We assume that our air conditioner runs 6 hours in a day. By multiplying 2.2 with 6 we get 13.2 units. We have obtained the units consumed by our air conditioner in a day. We can get number of unit consumed in month by multiplying 13.2 by 30. After multiplication we get 396 units that is the number of units consumed in a month by our assumed air conditioner. Now enter this number of units in our online MEPCO calculator to get your estimated bill amount.

How to Calculate Faster:

Practice makes perfect, this is simple trick to calculate faster. You can also enhance your calculations by tricks of calculations. You can learn tricks of calculations online. Just search how to calculate faster, you will get a lot of tricks that makes you faster in calculations. These methods of faster calculations will also help you to calculate MEPCO bill faster. You should practice math calculations daily one to two hours. These practices will speed up your calculations and increase the accuracy. Daily practice of math calculations will save some calculations in your mind that will help you when you are doing MEPCO bill calculation or some other calculations.

If you do not have much time to calculate your electricity bill amount, you can use online MEPCO bill calculator on This calculator will give you results in less than a second. After entering number of unit consumed, you will get your estimated amount of your electricity bill. As we informed you this estimated amount will vary from the original amount due to some extra taxes or due to some other cause that we not know.

MEPCO Bill Estimator:

Bill estimator is the second name of the bill calculator. We have use latest rates to estimate your electricity bill amount. If rates changed in future by MEPCO you have to not worry about it. We will update the system of our MEPCO bill calculator according the latest rates of the units and the taxes. The complications of this bill estimator are hidden from you. So, you can see simple and easy estimator that you can use very easily without any problem.
We are providing you the best MEPCO bill estimator that will estimate your bill amount by using units consumed provided by you. This service is free of cost and you can use this estimator without paying any thing.

I hope you will enjoy this online MEPCO bill calculator and this will help you in calculating electricity bill amount and will save you time of calculations. You can also estimate your bill by hands using your power of mind. But it is better to use this online special calculator instead of calculating by hands.

In the situation of getting errors you can contact us. We are here for you for solving your problems about MEPCO bill calculator. Your satisfaction is has high priority to us. Visit more pages of this site, the information that we proving you will helpful for you. You can also use helpline of MEPCO if you have any query. They will listen to you and will try to solve your problem.

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