MEPCO Sponsorship Grant and Marriage Grant

MEPCO Sponsorship Grant and Marriage Grant

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MEPCO Sponsorship Grant and Marriage Grant

MEPCO administration has increased the sponsorship grant of on duty pass away employee’s families. The hundred percent disabled employee’s families are also included in this plan. MEPCO has done this with the confirmation of board of directors.

Wajahat Bucha the deputy director human resource MEPCO head quarter had issued a notification. According to that notification, since 2020, MEPCO will provide 40 lakh rupees grant to the families of pass away and disabled employees. Before this, they were providing 35 lakh grants to the families of employees who were the victims of the accidents. But now, they have increased the grant sponsorship grant.

MEPCO authority has issued the orders of giving marriage grant to 105 employees. This marriage grant is for marriage of the employees or for their daughters. With the conformation of board of director the total amount for the marriage grant is 84 lakh and 80 thousand rupees. They provide almost 80 thousand rupees to every employee as a marriage grant.

Now, we are telling you about the first position holder of MEPCO in 2021. There was WAPDA examinations in Lahore for promotion from scale 17 to scale 18. MEPCO revenue officer Fakhar Imran Shah got first position in country. For more information visit the official site of MEPCO.

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