MEPCO News November 28 2021 overview in English

MEPCO News November 28 2021 overview in English

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MEPCO News November – 28 – 2021

Khalid Nazeer the MEPCO chief engineer distribution has given instructions to all operational officers of MEPCO. He has instructed about all transformers that are working in crash maintenance program on two phases. His instruction is to send that transformers to reclamation workshop to repair them. So that consumers can get electricity with better voltage and to avoid system overload. After that, he also has instructed to pay attention to repair and take care of system of division of electricity. The instructions also include balancing of transformers, changing broken or old poles, correction of dangerous places, and correction of wires.

The department of material management in MEPCO has executed seventy eight distribution transformers. Those transformers were of twenty five KVA to operation circles for providing pending industrial connections. And it has given the instructions to the superintending engineer of operation circles. The instructions are about fixing the transformers after receiving them from related stores. They have to send report to head quarter.

The teams of MEPCO have arrested seventy three people that are stealing electricity. This operation was held in north Punjab. Therefore, the company has fined fourteen lakh and sixty four thousand on stealing ninety six thousand units of electricity. It also has sued on four thieves of electricity.

The Rajanpur office of subdivision Dajil of Multan got attack. The person with name Jameel has snatched the meter and escaped after damaging the main door. So, MEPCO has sued for intervention of the mission of the government and for damaging the government property. Firstly, Jameel was entered with unknown person and he was reacting rude. He was doing verbal abuse, snatched the meter. Finally, he escaped after damaging the door.

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