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MEPCO Helpline

Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is providing all the required online services including the MEPCO helpline. You can use an online service of payment or download of copy of the bill or calculate the estimated bill amount. The helpline service is very useful for those who have an emergency or in case of complaining about using the service. Here you will gain knowledge of the MEPCO helpline.

MEPCO proving you with helpline phone numbers where you can get help with the electricity service. If you have any problem using the services of MEPCO, you can use these helpline numbers. They will listen to your problem and will tell you how you can solve your problem. Following are the MEPCO helpline that you can use in an emergency.

MEPCO Helpline Numbers:

In case of emergency or complaints call the MEPCO helpline number. Use the number below to call to know about the load shedding schedule, meter tracking, etc. you can also use these numbers to call for checking the application status.



Sometimes, electricity is cut off for a whole day or for a number of days which is very annoying. In the case of electricity cut off or you want to complain against unscheduled load shedding or if you have any query about load shedding, you can also use the following numbers to call at the head office of MEPCO. If one of them is busy then you can try another one. If the all numbers are busy then you should wait till they are free to provide their service.




In the case of theft of electricity use, this Toll-Free number for complain registration 0800-63726. This is your responsibility to inform MEPCO if someone using electricity by illegal means. The illegal use of electricity is harming entire Pakistan. You can save Pakistan from this loss by complaining about this number.

MEPCO Respective Circles Numbers:

MEPCO provides customer services centers in all the regions to provide service fast to its users. The users of the MEPCO can visit the nearest customer service center or use the helpline number to register their complaints or get any information about their electricity connection.

Consumers can use these numbers for the call to resolve their problems.

Multan 061-9220198
Dera Ghazi Khan 064-9239229
Muzaffar Gharh 066-9200065
Rahim Yar Khan 068-9230160
Bahawalpur 062-9250102
Bahawal Nagar 063-9239031
Vehari 067-3360282
Sahiwal 040-9200305


You use these numbers to gain knowledge of new connection charges, meter replacement, or any other question about demand notice. For more information about the services of Repco call 061-9220273. If you need a copy of your electricity bill you can get it here online at Mepco Bill. You just need to enter a 14 digit reference number to get your duplicate bill.

If you want to know the procedure for applying for the new connection, you do not need to call the helpline number. We are providing you with the details of that procedure. Click here to get the step-by-step details for applying MEPCO’s new connection.

We are also providing you with the free service of calculating the estimated bill amount. You just need to enter the number of consumed units and this calculator will automatically calculate the estimated bill amount for you. For using this online MEPCO bill calculator click here.

MEPCO Website:

Multan Electric Power Company also provides you with information about every part of its service on its official website. If you do not want to use the helpline you visit this site Here you can find information about this company, the staff the company, and the mission of this company. They are also providing you with the answers to the common question that people asked.

Is MEPCO Removes Receiver from Cradle?

The consumers of the mepco say that the MEPCO removes the receiver from the cradle because the complaint office is constantly busy. MEPCO answer this question that this is not true. When the power supply is cut off in a certain area then a large number of consumers try to use MEPCO helpline numbers. So, the telephone of the MEPCO office is busy. Now you can understand that mepco does not remove the receiver from the cradle and this is due to a lot of calls to its office.

There are many ways to solve problems about mepco services helpline numbers, online content etc. if you are still facing any problem you can contact us and we will try to solve your problem.

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