MEPCO News November 27 2021 overview in English

MEPCO News November 27 2021 overview in English

If you want to know that what is in the news of MEPCO, then there is overview of the news. This is the MEPCO news of November 27 2021. The original news is in Urdu language. But, on this page you will read the news in English. If you want to read these news in Urdu, then find the link on this page Urdu News.

MEPCO News November 27 2021

MEPCO has provided eighteen thousand six hundred and 25 new connections in the year 2021-2022. One lakh thirteen thousand three hundred and eighty three are house connections. And three thousand two hundred and ninety eight are commercial connections. The Industrial connections are six hundred and twenty six. The agricultural tube well connections are two hundred and eleven. General Service connections are eighty one. The remaining twenty two connections are of other categories.

The teams of MEPCO have arrested the 91 people that were trying to use electricity illegally. The company fined them sixteen lakh and ninety three thousand on stealing ninety eight thousand seven hundred and thirty five units of electricity.

Farhan Shabir Malak the MEPCO superintending engineer of circle Rahim Yar Khan has visited the different places of Rahim Yar Khan. He visited to analyze crash maintenance program, recovery situation, and the operation against thieves of electricity. He observed the operation of cutting trees that were the hurdles for the electric wires. Farhan Shabir also observed the operation of payment of electricity bills and arrears.

Adul Ghaffar Barmani the MEPCO deputy commissioner manager and other officers were also with Farhan Shabir. They checked the payment of bills in different places of city. They ordered to do operations against people that not paid their bills.

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