10 Incredible New Ways of Generating Electricity

10 Incredible New Ways of Generating Electricity

Here you will found the incredible new ways of generating electricity. The content of this page will amazed you by providing alternative new ways of generating electricity.

new ways of generating electricity

As we all know that the traditional methods of producing electricity are not able to maintain our country and this world. The cost of these methods is also bearable for poor people in Pakistan. So, we must find new ways of generating electricity that can fulfill our needs.

Impounded Alcohol:

Confiscated Alcohol

The national customs service of Sweden impounds hundreds of thousands of illegally smuggled alcohol each year. Instead of pouring all the alcohol down the drain they should think of converting that alcohol into something useful.

The Swedish customs agency is working with Svensk Biogas AB for converting this free alcohol into electric power. This project will continue as long as the smugglers keep trying to cross the border. By 2013, bus fleets in many cities of Swedish was running on biogas. Not all the biogas produced from alcohol but mostly biogas produced from alcohol.

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Using Diapers:

biomass pellets

The speed of getting old is faster in Japan. The old population of Japanese may be of big economic unease. A Tottori based recycling system SFD has an interesting idea of alternative way of generating electricity using diapers of old persons.

This recycling system collects the diapers of old persons, then clean, press and dries them in a machine. After this process, the machine returns biomass pellets that can be used for burning in the suitable furnace for generating electricity. They are producing 5000 kcal per kg pellets of diapers.

So, as you see that we can also generate electricity using diapers. In Japan, the SFD system is serving 700lb energy per day using diapers. If you are enjoying this article then continue reading there is more interesting alternative ways of generating electricity.

Reusing Radio Waves:

As you know, radio signals and other electromagnetic frequencies are nonstop transmitting all around us. Converting some of them back into energy would be very useful. This will be advance method of producing electricity.

We can also generate electricity by collecting radio waves and other electromagnetic waves and converting them. This is not the new idea but now the scale of this technique is increasing. A research team is installing recycling radio waves technology on different places.

Manos Tentzeris lead the research team of this technology. The sources of energy also include Wi-Fi, handheld electronic devices, TV channels, and some others. They use ultra wideband antennas for collecting waves. These antennas can collect wide range of signals of different frequencies.

Space Solar Power:

Solar Power in Space

This is very exciting that a very big solar array that is floating in the space and publishing wireless electricity to the surface of the earth. We are not generating electricity by this means yet but in future this technique will be used. There is no need to take expensive piece of land on the earth and also there will be no energy variations caused by weather. These are the advantages of using space solar power.

Here is the mechanism of generating electricity using sunlight from space.

Firstly a large geostationary array will collect light from the sum. Then photo voltaic cells will covert that sunlight into electricity. After that using generated electricity, microwave laser will powered. The aim of the microwave laser will towards the ground station on the earth. At the end, that microwave energy will be received by antenna array on the earth. Then antenna will convert that energy back into electricity.

Jelly Fish:

Jelly fish

Nowadays oceans are becoming more acidic. The increasing populations of jellyfish are also one of the reasons. As you know the humans do not use jelly fish for eating. But we should think of using jelly fish in another way. There is large number of glowing jelly fishes at the North America. The name of these glowing jelly fishes is Aequorea Victoria. Swedish researchers using these jelly fishes for research of generating electricity.

The jelly fish contains green fluorescent protein. We can use this to create small fuel cells. To power a generation of medical devices, we can use these fuel cells. If we apply green fluorescent protein to aluminum electrodes and expose to ultra violet light, then it will generate power measuring in tens of nano amperes.

 Using Moist Air:

The most beneficial source of electricity production is to generate it from moist air. This will be an endless and everlasting source of energy. At University of Massachusetts Amherst, a research team believes that we can generate electricity from moist air.

They are using electrically conductive protein based nanowires. After connecting these nanowires to generator, electricity will produced from moist air. The scale of this project is small yet. One day, this technique they will scale up this technique to full electricity generation.

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Solar Wind:

Solar Wind

Solar wind is the outermost atmosphere of the sun. We can access it from the space. The solar wind is not available on the earth. The magnetic field protects earth from solar wind. We can generate electricity by using very large solar sail and a charged wire.

The result of analysis by university of Washington is that the amount of electricity generated by solar wind depends on the size of solar sail. For generating sufficient electricity for 1000 houses, we need hundred meters of copper wire on two meter wide receiver and ten meter sail. For one billion gig watts of power, we need a satellite with 1000 meter cable and 8400 km wide sail.

In 2010, the aerospace exploration agency of Japan use solar sailing on spacecraft. The name of the spacecraft was IKAROS. In several key areas IKAROS explore and provide very valuable data to research scientists. In 2019, the planetary Society use solar sail on one of the heavy rockets as a secondary payload.

Taking Body Heat:

Some of big cities of developed countries have build projects for taking heat in their wide metro systems. In the sealed metro environment, the train engines and brakes produce huge amount of heat. The millions of passengers of metro also generate huge amount of heat.

The administrators of underground metro have been aware of heat issue for long time. Also, they was spending large amount of money to dissolve the heat through standard means. But now, they are using that extra heat for better use. The extra heat that collected from metro is used for generating power and heat for loacal houses and for business places. This technique of generating electricity is used in London around Highbury and Islington. Europe is also using this technique.

This technique is not restricted to only underground metro services. A shopping mall in America makes use of heat produced by total number of people passing through it. The collected heat fight against the hard winter as such that in buildings there is no need the traditional central heating system.

Thorium Reactors:

Small nuclear reactors powered by just one ton of radioactive thorium could highlight in the generation of now days of local power generation plans. The thorium reactors would require high energy neutrons to start their fissile activity. So, the scientists of British begin work on small particle accelerators.

The Electron Model of Many Applications works at around 20 million electron volts. This is a solid beginning. All things are considered. A fair level of doubt stays around the utilization of thorium and the reasonable items of building and maintaining a bigger number of local nuclear reactors.

Harvesting Movements of Body:

There are specific crystals that can produce piezoelectricity in result of compression force. So, if you have moving surface then you can attach specific crystals to it. This process can generate small amounts of energy. The Underground stations, nightclubs and gyms these types of tasks generate kinetic energy that can be used to generate piezoelectric energy.

You can serve generated electricity in the same building or you can also transfer this electric energy to new location. Piezoelectricity is not a new technique. DARPA is thinking of putting piezoelectric generators in the boots of soldiers.

The piezoelectricity is also new for you. The cigarette lighters are also working using piezoelectric crystal. The crystal in lighter produce required amount of voltage to burn up the gas. At the end of this process of lighter we get a little flame. Many countries are using this technique to produce small amount of electricity at different places.

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