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MEPCO Safety Guide for Public

The areas with supply of electricity have also chance of electricity hazard public. So, follow the MEPCO Safety Guide to protect yourself from this danger. Many people died due to electricity in Pakistan. These electricity hazards may occur in usual or rainy days. But you can be safe, by following MEPCO Safety Guide.

MEPCO Safety Guide for Public:

  • In case of fallen any electricity line on the ground or if you feel current leakage in a pole, quickly inform the nearest electricity complaint center. Keep away the public and the children from that pole or wire till electricity staff reached at that point to debug the problem.
  • Do not tie your animals to the electricity poles or electricity wires to avoid deadly accident.
  • Keep away the public and animals from static or running water, in case of broken live wire falls into that water till the electricity staff reached to that point to debug the problem.
  • Always use good and correct plugs and switches.
  • Do not use uncovered wires and conductors for electricity extension.
    Repair or tape properly the uncovered electric wires in house and shop etc. Replace the damaged electric wiring.
  • Use dry wooden rod to save the person, if the person gets intertwine with uncovered running electric wire in house, shop etc. otherwise, if you touch that person physically then you may get fatal or non fatal electric accident.
  • Always use correct size fuses at each stage.
  • Avoid kite flying near electricity lines and poles. The interaction of wet kite string with live wires or transformers may cause fatal or non fetal electric accident. Do not use metallic and chemical string for kite flying to avoid any serious accident.
  • Do not use iron wires or some other metallic wires for hanging wet clothes for drying. Because, these are good conductor and there is chance that current passes through it in rainy season. You should use cotton wires for that purpose.
  • Keep away the wet things from electricity cables and do not use these cables for hanging clothes.

Safety Guide for Electric appliances:

  • Use proper capacitors and miniature circuit breakers with air conditioners.
  • Do not come in contact with metallic parts of the electric appliances such as, washing machine, electric motors and stand fans etc. without removing their electric connection.
  • Use automatic voltage regulator with delayed start for computers, deep freezers, refrigerator and television etc.
  • Do not touch switch, plug, wire or any electric appliance with wet hands, clothes or shoes to avoid any accident.
  • Do not allow the children to perform the operation of removing plug from the socket or to shift any running electric gadget from one place to another. Particularly, be careful in rainy season to avoid any accident.
  • Switch off the electric gadgets before removing their plug from the socket. Do not pull the wire to remove plug from the socket with jerk.
  • Use three pin plugs for all types of electric gadgets and appliances such as electric iron, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner etc. because these are earthed instruments and it is safe to use third pin. Use a piece of dry cloth, wood or any other non conductor under the feet while using electric appliances and gadgets.

Follow these rules to avoid any serious electricity accident. if you do not have electricity connection. Then you can apply for new connection here. In case of any problem, you can contact us freely. You can also visit MEPCO official website for more information.

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