MEPCO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

MEPCO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

MEPCO FAQ is list of frequently asked questions by consumers. If you have question in mind about MEPCO read these MEPCO FAQ. People needs guide about connection transfer, solving low voltage problem, getting more load for shop, removing dangerous wires from streets etc. You will get answer of all your questions on this page.


When will the stopped supply of electricity be restart?

You can get the information from the complaint center near to you. In case of busy telephone line, you can dial this helpline 0800-63726.

What is MEPCO doing for controlling the stopped supply due to flying kite with metal wire?

This problem is being solved by covering the parts of grid station with guard wire and nets. They are trying to stop kite flying by seminars, print media and electronic media etc.

How you can solve the low voltage problem in your region?

You can contact the SDO, XEN or SE of your region, they will solve the problem. If necessary, they will contact to MEPCO head quarter for additional work.

How you can take away dangerous poles and wires from streets or doors?

You can send details to executive engineer operation of your region. The expenses of removing poles and wires will be paid by you.

What is the policy and process in local places or village?

Local or provincial government approves the investment on supply of electricity in the village. The work on electricity supply will start after complete payment of expenses.

What you can do for correcting the wrong reading on MEPCO bill?

You can contact customer service centers of your region or MEPCO head quarter.

How you can pay dues in installments?

You can pay electricity dues in installments. They will charge interest on installments according to current bank rate. The size of the installment per month depends on the number of dues.

What is Defective meter reading?

This is the estimated bill that you receive due to meter failure. Replace the corrupted meter as soon as possible. If your meter is not replaced in 2 or 3 months, then you should contact to subdivision.

FAQ for industrial consumers:

What are different types of industrial consumers?

First type is Tariff B-1 for the load of up to 40 kilo watt. Second type is Tariff B-2 for the load of 41 kilo watt to 500 kilo watt. Third type is Tariff B-3 for the load of up to 5000. Forth type is Tariff B-4 for all loads on 66/132/220 KV.

What are different types of load approving authorities?

Deputy Manager of division is for up to 70 kilo watt. Manager of circle is for 71 kilo watt to 500 kilo watt. Chief Executive Officer is for up to 500 kilo watt.

How you can get more loads for your shop?

A form is used to extend the load. You can get extension of load after paying the security difference of approved load and applied load. In addition, you may need to pay these expenses.

  • If you got benefit or support on price of service connection at the time of connection in current tariff
  • Expenses of material for extension of load

What are the terms of connection transfer?

  • You will have to follow the renaming process with other relative laws, if the new place is in the name of legal heir.
  • You will have to pay connection removal charges, reassignment charges and expenses of equipment required for connection transfer.
  • Update the security deposit according to the latest rate.
  • You should have no arrears against the connection.

These are MEPCO FAQ that will helpful to you. If you have questions except the described above, then you can use MEPCO Helpline. You can also visit the official website of MEPCO for more information. People frequently asked a question that how to get duplicate MEPCO bills. Check Mepco online bill easily. If you have any problem you can contact us.

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