MEPCO Net Metering (Solar or Wind Power System)

MEPCO Net Metering (Solar or Wind Power System)

Are you 3 phase 400V or 11KV domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial consumers of MEPCO? If yes then MEPCO Net Metering service is for you. You can install 1KW to 1000KW solar or wind power system by vender approved by renewable energy board for MEPCO Net Metering.

MEPCO Net Metering

What is MEPCO Net Metering? By this service, your remaining electricity from solar or wind system will go to national grid. As many electricity will go to national grid as many credit will added to your bill. MEPCO installs a two way meter to your house that correctly record the electricity coming or going to grid.

MEPCO Net Metering Application Process:

A step by step procedure of applying for MEPCO Net Metering. First of all, you have to know that you are eligible for this facility or not. To know the eligibility of applying for this facility read the first paragraph. If you want to contact MEPCO office then use this Helpline. Follow this process to apply for the facility of Mepco Bill.

  • If you are eligible then submit the application with all required documents to MEPCO office.
  • After that, MEPCO will analyze your application whether is it complete or not.
  • You have to provide documents within 7 days, if your application is incomplete.
  • If your application is complete then MEPCO office will analyze whether you are qualify for this service or not.
  • Then, MEPCO office will verify that the facility is technically feasible or not within 20 days.
  • If the facility is not technically feasible then MEPCO office will inform you with rejection reasons in 3 days.
  • MEPCO office will approve installation of SRTPV+ and do agreement within 10 days, if the facility is technically feasible.
  • After that, MEPCO office will send the completed file to MEPCO Net Metering Cell.
  • MEPCO Net Metering Cell sends copy of agreement to NEPRA within 7 days for grant of license.
  • After grant of license according to regulations, Net Metering will start.
  • MEPCO will issue estimated connection charges within 7 days after the issuance of license by NEPRA. If you have
  • purchased meters yourself due to meters not available in MEPCO, then MEPCO issue NOC.
  • You have to pay estimated charges within 20 days or provide self purchased two bidirectional meters to MEPCO
  • office within a week.
  • After you will pay the charges or provide self purchased meters and tested by MEPCO within week, MEPCO will install the DG facility in 30 days.
  • Then, SDO office will send the file to RO office for billing.

Benefits of Net Metering:

These are the benefits of using the facility of MEPCO Net Metering.

  • Your extra electricity by solar or wind system will not wasted. Instead your bill amount will reduce for that electricity.
  • This is easy and low cost system and also you do not need an expensive battery for this system.
  • Net Metering will help you in problems of load shedding and low voltage.
  • There is no maintenance.
  • The expenses of this system overcome in 3 to 5 years. This system can work for at least 25 years.

if you want to apply for simple New Connection then this page will help you. Procedure of applying for new connection and estimated time is provided with details. Read the MEPCO FAQ to overcome most of the problems related to MEPCO. For more information about Net Metering Click Here.


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