MEPCO Energy Saving Tips

MEPCO Energy Saving Tips

The new technology has improved the efficiency of the energy systems. As you see, in the past people use incandescent light bulb in home, office, shop etc. But, now they are using CFL and LED bulbs. These new technology bulbs consume less electricity and provide pleasing light. There are other so many ways of maintaining and operating energy systems. MEPCO provides you Energy Saving Tips. That can help you in saving energy. These ways of energy saving are low cost and some of them are no cost. So, follow the MEPCO Energy Saving Tips to save energy.

MEPCO Energy Saving Tips:

  • Here is the list of energy saving tips by MEPCO. These are easy and quickest ways to save energy. The cost of energy saving is very little or no cost. You can save a lot of energy by following these tips.
  • Most people turn on light and forget to turn it off. So, turn off the lights when no needed.
    Sometimes we have more bulbs in the room unnecessarily. It is better to remove unnecessary bulbs.
  • Replace the bulbs, if you are using incandescent bulbs or other old technology bulbs. Use the CFL and LED bulbs of other new technology bulbs.
  • Use the day light as more as possible and while using day light turn off the bulbs.
  • Always use gas iron instead of electric iron.
  • Reduce the thermostat setting air conditioner to save the energy.
  • People turn off the air conditioner when they leave. Turn off the air conditioner before the end of operating hours.
  • Keep the air conditioners maintained and repaired. The faulty appliances use more energy.
  • Turn off the machine and gadgets when not needed. Just like lights people also forget to turn off the machines at the time.
  • Always look over the automatic controls. They are working correctly or not.
  • Properly grease and maintain the operative machinery. If the machines are not greased, then they use more energy.
  • Analyze the use of energy to consider where you are wasting energy. Get the help of experts in analysis if needed.

By following these energy tips by MEPCO, you can save a lot of energy. Also check the responsibilities of MEPCO consumers at In case of any query, use MEPCO helpline. You can also visit the MEPCO office near to you.


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