How to Reduce Electricity Bill Amount of your House

How to Reduce Electricity Bill Amount of your House

If you are receiving bill with amount that is beyond your budget then read this page. Here we are telling you how to reduce electricity bill amount. So follow these low cost and simple tips by MEPCO. By the use of these tips you can reduce electricity bill of your house. For these tips you do not need to spent money. You need to use your mind and little movement of your body.

How to reduce electricity bill:

If you are serious in reducing your electricity bill then read these tips. These tips will reduce reasonable amount of your electricity bill. So, read these tips that help you in saving electricity energy.

A bulb uses little energy as compared to other large electricity gadgets. But little and little become much more. So, you need to turn off the lights and the on for no reason. Use new technology bulbs because they consume less energy. These two tips will save noticeable amount of energy. If possible, use the day light instead of bulbs in day time.

An iron for pressing the dresses is an electric gadget that we use every day. The electric iron uses a lot of energy. So, if you want to save electricity then use gas iron. Always use gas consuming gadgets if possible. In winter, you can use gas heaters instead of power consuming air conditioner.

Replace your old electric machines with new ones. The old machines consumes more power and hence more electricity bill. So, always replace old and faulty machines. Grease the machines properly because no greased machines also consume more power. Always check that machines are turn off when no needed.

This is answer of how to reduce electricity bill. For more information click here. Follow these tips for a month and then see the difference of your bill amount. If you want to see the MEPCO bill online then click here.

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