How to protect yourself from electrical hazards

How to protect yourself from electrical hazards

In the past days, there was no fear of electrical hazards. There was no electricity and all the gadgets were non electrical. The people of the past had enjoyed their lives without fear of electrical accidents. But now days, we need to protect ourselves from electrical hazards. By reading this page of MEPCO, you will know how to protect yourself from electrical hazards.

Electrical hazards protection tips:

In past, there was no electricity. People could touch everything without fear of electrical shock. But now, you need to think first before touching electric appliances. You should be away from all electric wires and poles. Especially if you are wet, then be careful of eclectic wires and poles. Keep away the wet things from electric appliances.

You need to monitor your kids. Children are not always careful about touching electric instruments. It is your responsibility to protect the children from electric hazards. Cover all the damaged wires. Keep all the electric gadgets out of the range of the kids. Also, take care of your animals.  Do not tie your animals near the electric wires. Animals can chew the wires and can get electric shock.

Many electrical hazards occur due to kite flying. If you are flying kites then keep the safety guides in mind. First of all, do not fly kites near the electrical poles. Always use string that is non metallic and free of any chemical. Also, do not use metallic wires for drying clothes.

What if a person got electric shock? Do not touch that person. If you do that you will also got electric shock. Use wooden rod or anything else that is non conductor. Keep in mind that, you cannot touch the person that got electric shock. Always use non conductor and non wet things to protect that person.

So, these are the tips that tell you how to protect yourself from electrical hazards. These are not the only tips. Click here for more safety guides by MEPCO. Forget the independence of the past and be careful of electric shock.

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