What are the services provided by MEPCO

What are the services provided by MEPCO

There are many companies that provide services to its customers. MEPCO is also a service providing company. Now, the question is that what the services are provided by MEPCO. First, you need to know that the MEPCO is an electricity providing company. It provides electricity to different cities of Pakistan.

What are the services of MEPCO:

If you are in the area of MEPCO then it provides you electricity. But, the electricity is not free. You have to pay electricity bill every month. It calculates electricity consumption amount by meter reading. This company provides a service of electricity bill on time. Now days, you can get electricity bill online. So, the first service is that it provides you electricity bill at your home.

In the past, you have to pay your bill in the banks etc. that takes a lot time in long rows. Now, you can pay your bill online by your credit cards. Even you can pay bill on jazz cash. Instead of wasting time in long rows, you can pay your bill online from home. So, second big service is that you can pay bills online.

The providence of electricity is a very big service. People face problems in handling this service. So, there is complaint center of MEPCO. In case of any problem, just go to MEPCO office and register your complaint. Now days, you can register complaint online. As you see, the third big service of MEPCO is the complaint center.

The procedure of using electricity service is little difficult. First, you need to install new connection. Then, you can use electricity. People do not know what to do. So, there is service of Helpline. In case of any problem, you can use that helpline. As you see, the forth big service is MEPCO helpline.

There are many other services but we have explained these four. If you want to know more details visit this page MEPCO services. Enjoy your electricity and be careful of electric hazards. For more information you can visit different pages of this website.

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