List of MEPCO Customer Services

List of MEPCO Customer Services

MEPCO had made target plane of providing customer services to its consumers in start. Now, they are able to provide their planed services. These services are easy to use, because we are providing you step by step procedures. Here you can see the services that MEPCO provide to its consumers. You may do not know most of these services. In future these services may be extended. For more information visit the official site of MEPCO. Read following list of MEPCO customer services.

MEPCO Customer Services:

  • MEPCO improving customer service centers. They upgraded Complaint centers in each circle. MEPCO will incorporate all its complaint centers with RCC.
  • They have established the ministry complaint center at head quarter. MEPCO will try to solve the problem of the complainant in the given time.
  • MEPCO also ensures the accuracy of billing by using advance technology of meter reading. They are using Hand Held Units and install of smart meter.
  • The most useful service of online payment of bills and getting duplicate bill is now available to customers.
    MEPCO provides you a toll free helpline for registering complaint against illegal use of electricity. The number is 0800-63726.
  • They ensure that bill is provided on the time and accurate through modern ORACLE based billing system. In middle of 2015, MEPCO has successfully completed the billing system in Multan circle. They also have extended the project to all 8 circles in the 2016-2017.
  • MEPCO provides load shedding schedule to its consumers and keep updating it.
  • MEPCO has established the online complaint registration and call centers for that.
  • For consumer information, MEPCO uploads set of policies and procedures on their website.
  • MEPCO is conducting the cost of services study for making their consumers know about the actual cost of electricity through tariff.
  • Consumers can see the history of 12 months of their consumption and payment on electricity bill.

Customer Services Links:

These are the links of the services that we described above. We are also providing you instructions and step by step procedures for these services. These services are very easy to use. So, if you want to use one of these services, then click the required service name below.

Additional Services:

MEPCO provide some other services that are not described above. A very useful service from one of these is Bill Calculator. So, by using this calculator, you can calculate estimated bill amount through number of unit consumed. As you read above, you need to enter number of unit consumed to calculate your estimated bill amount.

Moreover, for information about MEPCO, read the news, magazines provided by MEPCO. You will get the information about new projects of the MEPCO. If you are interested in MEPCO news, magazines, then read this page MEPCO NEWS. In case of any problem, you can use MEPCO helpline or you can go to MEPCO office. Feel free to contact us.

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