Debarment of Investor in MEPCO

Debarment of Investor in MEPCO

If have read the world Debarment on MEPCO site, then you are thinking of what is the Debarment of Investor. Debarment is the process of removing investor firm or individual from the MEPCO due to breaking rule. If the investor of the MEPCO does some illegal tasks, then MEPCO will remove them and enter them into black list. So, we call debarment of investor the process of removing investor. Now, that investor is not eligible for receiving orders and doing activities related to MEPCO.

Debarment of Investor Procedure:

If you are consumer of MEPCO, then this information is not for you. This page is related to investors of the MEPCO. For more information you can go to MEPCO office or check official MEPCO website. You can also us MEPCO Helpline.

Here you can see the procedure of debarment of investor. If the firm or individual has involved in fraud or illegal activities, then debarment procedure will start. MEPCO takes following steps to remove the corrupt firm or individual from the MEPCO.

Deletion of specific item from the Registration record:

It is a legal order in written form to change the registration letter of the firm by deleting specific item or items. Also, it is order to remove the firm or individual from receiving orders. The removed firm or individual cannot involve in the given activities for removed item or items.

Deletion of Foreign Principal:

It is also a legal order in written form to change the original registration or addition indexation letter. According to this order, MEPCO restrict the investor firm by debarring the firm from receiving the orders and involving in given activities.

Approval of Debarment of Investor:

After the approval of CEO MEPCO, they will add the investor firm or individual in the Blacklist. They will also legally ban the firm or individual. MEPCO will publish the information about blacklisting of the firm in MEPCO newsletter, company website. They also transfer that information to other government departments.

Disciplinary action against firm:

CE (Dev) PMU or MEPCO secretary registration committee receives order from complainant formation of MEPCO or other DISCOs. After that, they remove the firm and add the firm in the blacklist.

This procedure covers punishments and appropriate actions against firm or individuals involved in different types of corrupt and illegal activities. The post qualified firms which have involved in such activities will also removed.

Causes of Debarment:

These are the causes of debarment of the firm or individual. If the firm has involved in one or more of the following activities, then MEPCO will remove that firm. Read the following activities that are the causes of debarment of investor in MEPCO.

  • Submission of false and fake documents or making false statements to gain unnecessary advantage
  • Involvement in misappropriation, violation of trust, theft, cheating, forgery, bribery, falsification, fraud
  • Destruction of records
  • Receiving stolen property
  • False use of trademark
  • Securing fraudulent registration
  • Giving false evidence
  • Providing of false information of serious nature

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