Update Load Shedding Schedule Procedure

Update Load Shedding Schedule Procedure

This is the step by step procedure to update load shedding schedule. Not everyone can add or change the load shedding schedule. The person that has his circle’s username and password can update load shedding schedule. You can change or add load shedding schedule feeder wise. You just need to know the Username and the password.

The consumers of the MEPCO can see the load shedding schedule. For getting the load shedding schedule of MEPCO follow these steps . first, go to the MEPCO website. then, click the tab Ease of Doing Business. After that, click Load Shedding Schedule.

Update Load Shedding Schedule Procedure:

Only authorized persons of MEPCO can add or change the load shedding schedule. If you are one of the authorized persons, then you update it easily. These steps are very easy and simple. Follow these steps to update the load shedding schedule of the MEPCO.

  • First of all, go to MEPCO official website (mepco.com.pk).
  • Then, move the mouse cursor DEPARMENT tab in first row of tabs.
  • After that, a popup menu will appear.
  • Now, click the first tab name as Update Load Shedding.
  • A login page of load shedding schedule will appear.
  • Enter your circle’s Username in the first field.
  • Then, enter your password.
  • After that, click the Login button.
  • Now, the screen displaying you feeder wise load shedding schedule.
  • Click Add, if you want to add load shedding schedule for a feeder.
  • Click Change, if you want to change load shedding schedule for feeder.
  • Now, enter load shedding timings for selected feeder.
  • Then, click Save button.

Some other Procedures:

MEPCO also provide you procedures of other activities just like updating load shedding schedule. Here you can see the some other procedures related to MEPCO. MEPCO provide you new connection procedures. Many people face problems while applying for new connection. Now, you can apply for new connection easily by follow steps. MEPCO also provide you online bill payment procedure. Now, you do not need to wait in long rows for payment of bills. Online complaint procedure is also available. The procedure of CNIC registration is also available.

Follow each step and do not miss any step. In case of any problem you can go to MEPCO office. You can also use MEPCO helpline. Click the links below to access the procedures of these activities.

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