MEPCO Key Words Used in Documents

MEPCO Key Words Used in Documents

Here you can read the explanation of key words of MEPCO. MEPCO uses these key words in the document of debarment procedure. If you want to know the debarment procedure and the causes of debarment, then check this Debarment Procedure. These key words are related the debarment of the investors. If you are consumer of MEPCO, then skip reading this page.

MEPCO Key Words:

These are MEPCO key words with their definitions. You can understand the meaning of these key words by reading this page. For more information visit the MEPCO official website


A blacklist is a list of persons and organizations under doubt, untrustworthy and disloyal etc. MEPCO deny particular advantage, service, and access of that person or organization in a particular field.


Cheating is a situation of breaking rules to gain unnecessary advantage. The violating rules may be explicit or they may be based on morality, ethics or custom.

Coercive practice:

A coercive practice is spoiling, harming or threatening directly or indirectly the party or the property of the party to effect improperly the actions of a party.

Collusive Practice:

A collusive practice is system between two or more parties designed to achieve an illegal purpose, including effecting illegally the actions of another party.

Corrupt Practice:

A corrupt practice is the offering, giving, receiving or requesting directly or indirectly anything of value to effect improperly the actions of another party.

Further Key Words:

Criminal Breach of Trust:

When a person illegally breaks a contract or promise or trust of one person and act against that person due to its own advantage, we say it is doing criminal breach of trust.


An embargo is the limited or complete banning or trade with a particular country or firm in order to separation.


When someone gives responsibility of his money or property to one person and that person convert it to its own use by fraud, we say it is doing embezzlement.

Fraudulent Practice:

Fraudulent practice is any act, blunder or misrepresentation that knowingly or mistakenly misleads a party to obtain financial or other benefit or to avoid a duty.

Obstructive Practice:

Obstructive Practice is destroying, falsifying, changing or hiding evidence material of investigation, to materially restrain the exercise of bank’s contractual rights of analysis or access to information. Also the threatening, harassing any party to prevent it from disclosing its knowledge relevant to the investigation.


The act of stealing that is the illegally taking of goods or property of another person with the purpose of removing ownership of the owner permanently.

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