MEPCO News, Magazines, Commercials

MEPCO News, Magazines, Commercials

MEPCO provides many facilities to its consumers. Now, we are telling you about MEPCO News. You can read MEPCO News, Magazines and advertisement. MEPCO gives information about its plans for future, electricity accidents, electricity robbers and the completed projects to its consumers. You can read this news daily online without any problem. Reading news daily will increase your knowledge about MEPCO staff, new projects, electricity thieves, completed projects, and past loses, future profits, new facilities, new offers, electricity accidents and much more. If you are interested in reading the news and magazines, then read this page till the end.


If you are interested in reading the MEPCO News, then click here. This link will take you to the page of news. There you can read all news in Urdu provided by MEPCO. Else if you want to access new page by official website of MEPCO, then follow this procedure. First, go the official site of MEPCO. Then, Click on the tab MEDIA/NEWS. This will take you to the list of new. There you can select news for reading with respect to date. The language of the news is Urdu. So, as a citizen of Pakistan you can read that Urdu MEPCO news easily.

For reading the past news, go the next page. Continue going to next page till you get the required date of the news. At most, you can read the past news of till the year 2016. The news before 2016 is not provided by MEPCO. On the first page, you can get the latest MEPCO news releases. In case of any query us this Helpline.

Now, we will tell you which type of information you will read on MEPCO news. MEPCO provides you information about electricity accidents in a particular area. They also provide you information of their new completed projects. And the information of number of mega watts they produce from new projects. MEPCO also gives you information about persons that use electricity illegally. They also inform you about time of load shedding due to some maintenance. Which is responsible for accident? What is punishment of thieves and responsible persons? Answers of these questions are also explained in the MEPCO news.

MEPCO Magazines:

We have provided you information about MEPCO new. Now, we are telling you about MEPCO Magazines. So, if you are interested in reading Magazines of MEPCO, then continue reading. You can access magazines directly by this link MEPCO Magazines. You can also go to Magazines page by official site of MEPCO, as we described in MEPCO News.

There are latest and old magazines on MEPCO site. At most, you can read the past magazines of till the year 2009. The magazines older than 2009 are not exist. You can access older magazines by going to next page. The latest magazines are available on first page. All the magazines are in Urdu. They discuss all problems and their solutions in MEPCO Magazines. Check these frequently asked questions by consumers of MEPCO by this link FAQ.

MEPCO Commercials:

MEPCO often makes advertisement. This MEPCO advertisement contains offers and the services. If you want to see MEPCO commercials and MEPCO advertisement, then click here. You should see these commercials because these may be very beneficial to you.

One of these advertisements is about Net Metering. You should read about Net Metering because this may be very profitable for you. You can get more information about this advertisement by this link Net Metering. If you are searching for safety guides from these MEPCO news and magazines, then check these Safety Guide instructions. In case of any problem you can contact us or use helpline or go to MEPCO office near to you.

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