Responsibilities of MEPCO Consumers

Responsibilities of MEPCO Consumers

Responsibilities of MEPCO consumers are very important for success of electricity supply. It is responsibility of consumer to implement the safety and security management within their house or shop etc. There is need of good engineering practices to achieve the purpose of safety and security. Following is the list of responsibilities of MEPCO consumers. You need to follow them.

Responsibilities of MEPCO Consumers:

Install the Earthing System in your place where you use electricity. It does not matter you place is big or small. With help of competent electric engineers or authorized wiring contractors, install that system. Electric inspector must overview and verify the system.

Keep in mind the approved relevant standards, while using wiring material and electric equipment. Also, that material and equipment must be of good quality.

Follow the rules established by DISCO, while electrical installation. These rules are for the protection of the consumer. Also, that installation must be approved by authority as per terms and conditions.

Extensions, alternations, repairs and adjustments to existing installations must be carried out by authorized wiring contractor. But, the replacement of fuses, switches, lamps, fans and low voltage household appliances does not change the capacity and the quality of the installation.

Sometimes, a person got serious electric accident. In that situation, it is consumer responsibility to report to police station or MEPCO complaint center.

All the consumers of the MEPCO must follow the procedures and rules described above. If they do not follow the rules, then they must be ready for disconnection of electric power and legal action.

MEPCO does not allow the consumer to construct or extend building under or near the transmission lines. MEPCO also does not allow near to that lines.

The consumer needs to provide a wiring test report again to DISCO. The electric inspector or authorized wiring contactor can issue that wiring test report.

We expect that you understand all the responsibilities and will follow them. For more information visit the MEPCO site. If you do not have receive the MEPCO bill, then you can get duplicate bill from online. Check the MEPCO Tips for industrial operations and for home.

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