List of MEPCO Complaints Related to Billing

List of MEPCO Complaints Related to Billing

Here you can see list of MEPCO complaints related to billing. You can also see the estimated time of troubleshooting the complaint. So, if you searching for MEPCO complaints related to billing, then you are at right place. Now, read the following complaints with estimated time of troubleshooting.

Complaints Related to Billing:

  • The errors in billing due to wrong meter reading or due to mistake in calculating charges. This type of complaint takes up to 7 days.
  • Tariff changes in bill takes up to 30 days for troubleshooting complaint.
  • Faulty meter changing complaint takes up to 2 months.
  • Wrong late payment surcharge complaint takes up to 3 days for correction.
  • Complaint of adjustment in various matters takes up to 3 days, like extension of due date etc.
  • Sometime, bill not arrives at time. In such cases, consumer does not get seven days for payment. So, you can claim the extension in due date without LPS.
  • MEPCO gives detection bill to its consumers, when their meter is not working correctly. The detection bill complaint takes 15 days to troubleshoot.
  • The consumer with new connection may get issue of receiving bill for two months. Such complaints take 15 days to fix.
  • The complaint of paid amounts in the bill is another type of billing complaint. You can solve this issue in the same day by showing paid bills to bank manager or where you have paid.
  • MEPCO handled the arithmetic complaint of bill immediately.
  • The request of getting duplicated bill handled on same day by customer services centers. You can get duplicate bill at online.

This list of complaints not contains all type of complaints. There may be other than those complaints. So, if you have complaint related to MEPCO. Click here for online complaint registration. You can submit your complaint online easily. There is full guide and step by step procedure of submitting complaint. for more information visit official website of MEPCO.

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