Suggestions and Recommendations of Energy Team

Suggestions and Recommendations of Energy Team

There is an energy team in MEPCO. You can read Suggestions and Recommendations of energy team. This team track and report energy use, find the opportunities of energy saving. Then, this team develops an energy plan and implements it. Plant and process engineering members and procurement members are included in this team. Maintenance engineering members and production members are also included in this team. Senior managers are also involved to remove barriers. We will discuss the objectives of this team later. First, see the Suggestions and Recommendations of energy team.


These suggestions are for manufacturing consumers that use the services of MEPCO. So, for saving energy gives attention to the employees. Educate your employees the following suggestions.

  • Before leaving work area, turn off all the lights
  • If you see leakage in faucets, washroom or pipeline, then report it
  • While using air conditioners, close the doors and windows
  • Avoid thermostats on and off by doing constant setting
  • When electric appliances not in use, turn them off
  • Give responsibility of turning off particular gadget to particular employee


Energy analysis team provides you some recommendations. So, to save MEPCO energy, follow these recommendations.

  • In manufacturing area, install power factor correction appliances
  • Turn off the power when the gadgets are not in use
  • Monitor your electric bill every month
  • Fix the leaks of compressed air
  • Supply cool air to air compressor
  • Minimize the air pressure of compressor
  • Fix steam valve leaks
  • Replace air cooled chillers with water cooled chillers
  • Use speed controllers on twisting machines
  • Use energy efficient bulb, tubes and lamps
  • Reduce brightness of light to minimum required level by delamping
  • Install timers on lightning system for saving energy

Objectives of MEPCO Energy Team:

Performing official energy analysis is the best way to develop successful plan of energy saving. The energy analysis sometimes also includes outside experts. So, the plans produced by energy analysis save energy and lower the manufacturing cost. Following are the objectives of the energy analysis team.

  • Check all the industrial systems and estimate how and where the plant uses energy
  • Find the opportunities of energy saving
  • Find out possible upgrades and visible technologies that can work for your plant
  • Apply cost saving plans
  • Involve the employee in energy saving plans

So, these are the suggestion, recommendations and objectives of energy analysis team. You can follow their rules for saving energy. Theses suggestion by MEPCO will reduce the cost of manufacturing. For more information visit the official site of MEPCO. If you want to read safety guide by MEPCO click here. Also check online bill calculator for calculating estimated bill.


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