How to Apply for Electricity New Connection Online

How to Apply for Electricity New Connection Online

It is not very easy to use electricity. You need to install connection of electricity to use it. Here we are providing you information about how to apply for electricity new connection. There is facility of online application of new connection. But in the past, people have to visit the office again and again to apply for the new connection. It is very easy to apply online from home without going to office.

How to apply for new connection:

This type of online services makes our life easy and save our time. For the educated persons, it is very easy to use the services online. The uneducated persons also can apply online with the help of educated friend or family member. Following is the procedure that will guide you in installing the new connection.

There is a form that you have to fill to apply for new connection. You can find the form by going to this link Form Link. After clicking the link you will go the new web page. You will see the blue buttons on left side of the page. Click the button with name “Apply New Connection” to get the form. Now, you are on the form page.

The fields of the form that are marked red star must be filled. However, you can leave the fields that are not marked. After filling the form, you have to upload the required documents. Read the terms and conditions and mark check agree. Lastly you have to click on the submit button at the end of the page.

Congratulations! You applied for the new connection of electricity. If you want a step by step guide then visit this link Step by Step Guide. On this link, you can also see the information of estimated time of the installation of new connection.

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