How to Install Earthing System

How to Install Earthing System

Earthing system is very important. If you do not know about the earthing system then read this page till the end. You find the answer of how to install earthing system. Earthing is method of avoiding electric accidents. In this method, we connect the metallic parts of the machines with earth plate that buried in the ground.

First of all, dig a pit on the ground with area 5X5ft and the depth 20ft. The depth and the area of the pit depend on the structure of the ground. So, these measurements may be different. After that, bury a suitable copper plate in vertical position in that pit. Connect earth lead to two different places of earth plate. Then collect all the wires from the earth electrode in a metallic pipe. Put 1ft layer of charcoal and the lime mixture around the earth plate. Now, connect the wires to the bed plates of machines from two different places. Do not install earthing system yourself. Always install via experts.

Lastly, test the overall earthing system. If the system is working correctly then fill the pit with soil. For better earthing system, keep the external ends of the pipes open and put the water time to time. Putting water will maintain the moister condition around the earth electrode. So, this is the overview of how to install the earthing system. If you want to know the step by step procedure, then go this link.

The purpose of the earthing system is to protect the humans as well as to provide safety to electrical devices from current leakage. Also protect the building from lightning. It also reduces the risk of fire in electrical installation system. As you see, these are the basic advantages of the earthing system. For more interesting information visit other pages of this site

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